• Frequently Asked Questions

    How do we start the service?
    - As soon as you let us know that you are interested in our service, we will coordinate a mandatory first visit to your house (office), to meet you in person and understand your needs and requirements. This allows us to estimate the time and resources needed and give you the opportunity to show us the details and specifics that might be of your concern..

    This mandatory visit gives us the chance to know each other and introduce our Company and experience

    Is the service fully insured?
    - Yes, we are fully covered with public liability insurance which protects a client’s house against accidental damage. Copy of the insurance will be given to you on our first meeting

    Do I need to be home when the cleaner arrives?
    - No, the cleaners are trust-worthy and reliable so you can provide us with a spare set of keys and the cleaner can let herself in and out.

    Will I get the same cleaner each week?
    - our aim is to arrange the same cleaner for each client, but due to some circumstances out of our control we might need to allocate a new cleaner. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the same cleaner will stay with you for a full year, or a month. Nevertheless, we will pass on to the new cleaner all necessary information about your needs and requirements to make sure that you will receive the best quality of service.

    Just for you to know, more than half of our staff has been with us for over seven years and some over ten years, so most of our clients have managed to enjoy the same cleaner for a long period of time

    If your regular cleaner is on annual leave or sick a replacement will take over

    Do I need to pay for the service while I am on holiday or if I need to cancel?
    - - No, but we do require at least 24hrs notice in advance

    Do we need to sign a contract?
    - Residential customers do not need to sign a contract but they must agree to and sign our terms & conditions.
    - Business customers will be asked to sign a contract tailored to their needs before we start the

    Who provides the cleaning materials?
    - - If you are an individual client you supply the cleaning material and equipment. Alternatively, we can supply cleaning supplies, but at an additional cost.

    Can you supply me with a cleaner’s references before she comes to my house?
    -We might be able to provide you with other client’s references subject to their acceptance and in accordance with the Data Protection Act regulation (GDPR).

    How long will it take to arrange a cleaner?
    - Usually we are able to supply a cleaner within a week, but during peak time it might take up.

    Is there a minimum number of hours per visit?
    - Yes, we do require a minimum commitment of 2.5 hours per week, or 3.5 hours fortnightly.

    Do the cleaners speak English?
    - Most of our staff speak basic English. If you have any problems communicating with our staff you can simply contact head office and we will be more than happy to translate your requests directly to the cleaner. If you have any specific requests, you can either email a task list to us and we will pass it on to your cleaner or you can simply leave your cleaner a note.

    How do I pay for the service?
    - We accept cash, cheque or standing order payments that need to be made on weekly basis.


    We accept monthly payments but please understand that if you are a new client to us we will require an advance payment for the first month.