Terms and condtions

  • Terms & Conditions

    Alex Cleaning Services (ACS) will:
    - provide a regular cleaner, working any day from Mon - Sat, between 7.30am - 7.30pm. (Sunday available upon request, extra charges may apply)
    Please understand starting and ending hours may be adjusted on a case-by-case basis.
    - provide a copy of full public liability insurance.
    - arrange a replacement if a regular cleaner is on holiday or unavailable to work. Please note ACS might not be able to accommodate the arrangement for a specific date and in return will offer an alternative option.
    - notify about your cleaner holidays absence and in return your confirmation in writing whether a replacement is needed within a week upon receiving ACS notification.
    - instruct the cleaner upon finishing the service to leave the dirty dusters near the washing machine (or else specified by the client) for the client to perform its necessary laundry, prior to the next visit.
    - refund for any service not delivered. Please note the Client must provide the appropriate bank details or a valid address (for a bank cheque) within a month from ACS notification or no refund shall be made.
    - take responsibility for damages caused by a cleaner. However, ACS will not be responsible for normal wear-and-tear, prior old stains/burns/spillages which cannot be removed by standard cleaning products, or if any item is damaged by no fault of one of our cleaners. Please also note ACS will not provide cover for accidental damage for the first £450.00 of any loss. Please make your own insurance arrangements.
    - will not be liable or responsible for any failure or delay to perform the services caused by an Event Outside Our Control such as strikes, lock-outs, inability to enter your premises due to incorrect information or keys.
    - will not be responsible for machine cleaning or descaling of coffee machines, irons, electrical tea pots, with the exception of the oven and the fridge (upon request and with extra time needed).
    Please note that the client must protect surfaces and areas near the oven prior to the cleaning, and be familiar with specific cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer of the oven.
    - in the event a complaint is raised upon the completion of our services, ACS will attempt to rectify the situation within 7 days from the complaint is effectively notified.
    - upon termination of the service, return the keys to the client either in hand or by post at ACS expense. If the post is not picked up by the client and returned to ACS, it is up to the client to collect the keys from ACS office within 2 months from termination or keys shall be destroyed.

    Alex Cleaning Services (ACS) requires:
    - your correct name, address, contact telephone number(s), email address and a set of access keys or confirmation that access will be granted to the cleaner. Please note ACS cannot accept keys left under a pot, doormat or other place also accessible to the public whereas the access to the premises could be compromised.
    - in case of the existence of an alarm or security system, you must provide ACS with a clear and safe instruction of operation in writing.
    - to inform the existence of any pets in the premises and any special conditions. (Please note that under some circumstances ACS might decline to render its services due to specific conditions or unless some safety requirements are not met)
    - all payments to be made by either cash, cheque or standing order, on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.
    (Particular to Cheque payments)
    - The client shall be responsible for any fee arising from any rejected cheque banking fees. - all necessary papers ('terms and conditions' forms) to be signed and returned to the agency before the beginning of the service.
    - In the event of a change of the frequency of the service, one-off extraordinary jobs or change of price notified by ACS, the client to make the necessary adjustments to the payment conditions immediately. - all cleaning materials and working equipment to be provided by the customer, in good working order and with necessary instructions (if needed) in accordance with the list provided by ACS. (Unless otherwise clearly stated and to be provided by ACS for an extra charge) .
    - please pay close attention to the specifics of the list of materials required by ACS.
    - all fragile or breakable items to be removed or secured by the customer prior to our services.
    - all valuable items (whether in monetary terms or sentimental value) to be safely stored prior to our services.
    - easy access to a client’s house (all locks must open with no difficulty).
    - a minimum 24hrs cancellation or re-schedule notice and a termination notice of at least 2 weeks in advance (in writing).
    - a complaint notification no later than 36hrs after completion of the cleaning service (in writing).
    - a late payment fee of £20 for an outstanding balance
    - a client to pay the full price of the arranged service if:

    - aaaaACS is not notified on time about any cancellation or re-schedule.
    - aaaathe cleaner arrives at the client's house/office and is unable to gain access.

    The Client:
    - agrees not to hire or use any domestic service provided by a cleaner introduced to the customer by ACS, otherwise he/she must pay a referral fee of £1500.00
    - agrees not appoint a third party to attempt to remedy any defect, damage or breakage (in case we are liable for a damage as shown in clause 1.5. above) prior to notify ACS.
    - accepts that ACS is a lawful and equal rights employer providing equal opportunities to all cleaners, irrespective of their gender, age or nationality
    - understands that ACS will strictly abide by the GDPR 2016/79 directive and shall note disclose any information from its cleaners or its clients to any third party unless required by law.
    - will not be subject to a per-hour-rate increase over the first twelve months of service, provided the nature of the service has not changed.
    - agrees and accepts that any email or text message sent or voice message left outside of office working hours (Mon to Fri 8am to 6pm) might not be read, received and/or accepted by ACS, until the next office working day.
    - agrees not to expect the cleaner to open the door to third parties for safety reasons