Terms and condtions

  • Terms & Conditions

    Alexcleaning will:
    - provide a regular cleaner, working any day from Mon - Sat, between 7.30 - 7.00pm.
    - provide a copy of full public liability insurance.
    - arrange a replacement if a regular cleaner is on holiday or unavailable to work.
    - refund any unused funds.
    - take responsibility for any damages caused by a cleaner. However we will not be responsible for normal wear-and-tear, or if any item is damaged by no fault of one of our cleaners.

    Alexcleaning requires:
    - an hourly rate of £14.
    - all payments to be made by either cash, cheque or standing order - on a weekly basis.
    - all necessary papers ('terms and conditions' forms) to be signed and returned to the agency before the service commences.
    - all cleaning materials and working equipment to be provided by the customer.
    - all fragile or breakable items to be removed or secured by the customer.
    - easy access to a client’s house (all locks must open with no difficulty).
    - minimum 24hrs cancellation or re-schedule notice and a termination notice of at least 2 weeks .
    - a complaint notification no later then 36hrs after completion of cleaning work.
    - a late payment fee of £15 for an outstanding balance.
    - a client to pay the full price of the arranged service if:
          Alexcleaning is not notified on time about any cancellation or re-schedule of the service.
          the cleaner arrives at the client's house/office e.t.c. and is unable to gain access.

    The Client:
    - agrees not to hire or use any domestic service provided by a past cleaner introduced to the customer by Alexcleaning, otherwise he/she must pay a referral fee.
    - agrees to the terms and conditions stated above.