Small Businesses improving Social Media presence

Small Businesses improving Social Media presence

Small Businesses improving Social Media presence

Updated: May 19

Switzerland is a conservative and solid country, whose strong old brands are heading the Swiss and in many cases also the international market. Social media marketing in Zurich is a way to prove your brand, services or product authenticity, validity, value, and uniqueness.

Companies offering social media marketing in Zurich help you in having a clear idea of the market and the kind of audiences to which you can target your products or services.

If you are able to identify relevant changes related to your target market, then you will be able to make the right marketing decisions.

Start understanding what your audience needs. Build a strategy plan in close connection with the product and the features as per audience needs.

Companies offering social media marketing in Zurich can help you in identifying:

  • target customers’ needs

  • competitors

  • how competitors are fulfilling their customers’ needs

  • strategies to convert competitors’ customers

Social Media

Running contest

Social media is all about engaging with your target market. The main purpose of increasing your social media presence is to create a satisfactory feeling in potential customers’ minds.

You can run a contest, start a campaign, play games, and ask audiences to have an active role in them. This way users will feel like they are a part of your brand.

You can reward them for winning contests in order to ensure they are on your side.

Why is running contests worth?

  • Contest increases traffic

  • Increase of audience engagement

  • Increase in the range of target audiences.

Use video in your content

People are becoming more attracted to audio-visual then only text content.

Adding video in your content can increase your targeted visitor’s number. Videos help you in engaging with audiences more conveniently.

TikTok is a great example of how audio-visual is gaining popularity. 2019 has seen a major change in video marketing, still growing and reaching the greater heights during 2020.

Just mix up your normal content with video content for best results.

Video content:

  • increases views

  • increases audience reaching

  • is highly attractive

Start social media groups

Social media groups provide a community forum for your brand, product, and services.

It is a great place to one-to-one talk with your audiences, asking their reviews, individually solve their problem, etc. You can gain their trust and make them loyal to your brand.

Advantages of social media groups:

  • you can sell your product avoiding the sales way.

  • it can increase your traffic

  • you enormously gain trust

Being social

Social media marketing is like being social with others, but in a professional way. How can you build a good reputation among potential customers? The answer to this question is engaging with them, talking with them, trying to listen to their needs and giving them a tailored solution.

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