How Digital Marketing can Increase your Profit?

How Digital Marketing can Increase your Profit?

How Digital Marketing can Increase your Profit?

Updated: May 19

Which channels deliver a higher return on investment (ROI)?

Focusing on the wrong channels holds your business back from the potential growth and revenue coming from focusing on the right channels.

A digital marketing campaign can be a success in many ways, but the final metric is Return on Investment (ROI).

Swiss and international companies new to digital marketing have the tendency to invest in as many channels as possible rather than first understand which channels are more likely to generate the highest ROI, focusing their efforts on them. Using Digital Marketing Services in Zurich lets you make informed decisions (about budget, channels, strategy), maximize results, and increase ROI.

Digital marketing ROI measures the profit or loss generated by digital marketing campaigns. A positive return means your campaigns are bringing in more money than you’re spending on them.

ROI shows you whether or not your digital marketing strategy is on the right track. Without this measurement, you would casually invest in campaigns and hoping for the best, never knowing what worked, what did not work, and how to best allocate your budget.

Selecting the right metrics for measuring ROI is critical for the long-term success of your digital marketing strategy. You can do this according to the process below:

· defining the primary goal

· choosing one metric

· assigning value to the metric

Is your digital marketing strategy designed to generate leads, increase brand awareness, engage customers in social media? While you may have more than one goal, you need to define a primary goal and a single metric in order to track it.

Once you select a metric you need to assign a value to it. Digital marketing services in Zurich can help you calculate these values.

Now after having covered some ROI basics, let’s have a look at the digital marketing channels that usually generate the highest ROI.

· Email Marketing

Emails are an effective way to connect with customers, build subscriber lists, earn repeat business, and build brand loyalty. This channel works better for businesses selling high-ticket products and for those with strong sales departments.


Search Engine Optimization is a powerful digital marketing channel that, if done correctly, delivers high ROI. SEO optimizes your website to improve organic search rankings with the hope of increasing sales. SEO also enhances brand awareness and brand authority.

SEO is extremely competitive: there’s only one No. 1 position for any given keyword in the world. SEO typically achieves good results for established companies producing a significant amount of content.

· Paid Search and PPC

Search engine marketing (SEM) uses paid tactics to position companies on the first page of search results. SEM offers increased visibility, precise targeting, higher quality leads, audience development and trackable, usable, detailed data. SEM works well for new and established companies seeking to reach prospects with buying intent.

· Social Media Marketing

Social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn enable brands to build relationships with their prospects, followers and customers by facilitating two-way communication with them. This channel is an effective way to reach audiences that may be unreachable through other channels.

Social media marketing commonly is used in combination with other channels to amplify campaign efforts. Both organic and paid social media marketing are extremely valuable to companies seeking to attract and engage consumers.

· Content Marketing

Everything you see on the internet – web pages, videos, blog posts, etc. – is content. Content marketing provides numerous ways to drive website traffic, reinforce brand awareness, and fortify brand loyalty.

Content marketing focuses on providing value to consumers, thus building trust and loyalty among them and increasing conversion rates. Producing valuable content takes time, but the effort is worth it. Every piece of content you produce provides long-lasting value for your brand.

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